Resistance of wire conclusion

Class practical a simple investigation of the factors affecting the resistance of a wire. Resistance analysis when the length of the wire is increased so does the resistance of the wire and so the current decreases this is caused by the amount of nuclei in the wire when the electrons pass through the wire they hit the protons and rebound and hit more protons and so this will happen till it gets back to the energy source. Resistance of a wire ohms law says the more resistance means more energy used to pass through the wire resistance is a measure of how much conclusion. The resistance of a wire is directly proportional to its length and will not be able to make a proper conclusion relating to wire length. I have to come up with five limitations in my experiment in order to then explain them this is the first time i do this, so some of my suggestions might seem absurd the experiment was the following: i had a power pack connected to an ammeter in series, a nichrome wire, a voltmeter in parallel to. Gcse physics coursework resistance of a wire conclusion 2002 apush dbq sample essay dissertation oxford cordonnier-segger gcse physics coursework resistance of a wire conclusion.

An experiment to find the resistivity of a wire the resistivity of a wire along with its resistance is temperature dependent conclusion i feel that the. Measuring the resistivity of a wire student worksheet the resistance wire must be checked to ensure that it does not become too hot when 10 cm. B) a wire made of a copper alloy is 5 m in length and has a cross-sectional area 1 mm 2 its resistance is 015 w calculate the resistivity of this alloy. What is the relationship between the length of a wire and its resistance step 3: apparatus step 9: follow up work the thickness of a wire can also affect its resistance.

Power capability vs wire size and cable length as function of its wire resistance ω/m and its voltage source power capability vs wire size and cable length. Open document below is an essay on resistance of a wire from anti essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The resistance wire (02 m is a good choice) the wire has resistance 102ω per meter so a length of 02 m between the mmm probes corresponds to a resistance of 02ω.

Experiment on electrical resistance of a wire aim- to investigate how the electrical resistance of a wire changes in relationship conclusion: from these. The conclusion i have come to is that by increasing the length of the wire you increase the resistance in the wire my prediction was correct the resistance did change in proportion to the length this is because as the length of the wire increased the electrons that made up the current had to travel through more of the fixed particles in the wire. An experiment to find the resistivity of a wire i will find out the resistance of the wire at different length by related gcse electricity and magnetism essays.

Science essays: resistance of a wire resistance of a wire this essay resistance of a wire and other 63,000+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on reviewessayscom. ) =graph – resistance for 80cm wire is a possible anomalous result conclusion – we can see from both the graph and the results that there is a clear correlation between the length and resistance of a wire: the greater the length of. Resistance of a wire essaysaim: the resistance of a wire depends on certain factors investigate the effect of two of these factors ¡v some variables that will be relevant to this investigation are: of these the variables will be input and output voltages in experiment one, and length and resis.

Resistance of wire conclusion

Resistance of wire essays: over 180,000 resistance of wire essays, resistance of wire term papers, resistance of wire research paper, book reports 184 990 essays, term and research papers available for unlimited access. Experiment 2 ohm's law a current of one ampere exists in a wire if approximately 621 x 1018 electrons and resistance in a metallic conductor is given by. For example, a lead resistance of 03êω in each wire, r l, adds a 06êω error to the resistance measurement for a platinum rtd with αê=ê000385, the resistance equals a 06êω/(0385êω/°c) = 16°êc error if you are using lead lengths greater than 10 ft, you will probably need to compensate for this lead resistance.

  • Episode 112: resistivity in this episode, students learn how and why the resistance of a wire depends on the wire’s dimensions they learn the definition of.
  • Hi, i am currently doing my physics coursework, and i need your help on what to write for my conclusion what do i need to sum up my teacher told me that i need to write about the problems that i had during my experiment.
  • Conclusion: top as the temperature was increased, the voltage and current increased as well this demonstrates that resistance of the nichrome wire.

Lab e3: the wheatstone bridge introduction resistance of the two wire leads in series, and then subtract this lead resistance from your measurements. Resistance of a wire essaysin this investigation i will carry out an experiment to distinguish how the length of a wire, disrupts the behaviour of the resistance. Typical setup to measure the resistivity of a wire note:that the battery/cell and rheostat (variable resistor) can be replaced by a variable power supply. Ohm’s law and resistivity what is the electric resistance of the wire tighten both clamps to secure the wire in place 3 ohm’s law. Resistivity objective slope of this dependence equals resistance of the wire 2 from the data of procedure 2, compute in ohms. Resistance of a wire this research paper resistance of a wire and other 63,000+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on reviewessayscom.

resistance of wire conclusion Ap physics resistance and resistivity lab purpose the goal of this lab exercise is to measure electric current through wire and determine the relations between voltage, current, resistance, and the physical properties of the wire.
Resistance of wire conclusion
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